Sunday, April 16, 2017

100 Days Of Self-Exploration: Day One--Who Are You?

I am Teresa Dene (Danner) Kander. I am the daughter of Richard Ward Danner and Gloria Dene (Johnson) Evans. I am the former wife of Douglas Brian Rankin and George Amyl Haffelt Jr. (both deceased) and the current wife of Barry Richard Kander. I am the mother of Brian Alan Rankin, Samantha Adrienne (Rankin) Swan, and Amylia Marie (Haffelt) Handwerker. I am the grandmother of Micheal Lee Swan, Annamea Kay Swan, and Lucian Alexander Rankin.
I am a Christian who is no longer part of any organized religion, because I choose to follow the words of Jesus as they speak to my heart, not the words spoken from a pulpit. I am a teacher, hopefully, every day of my life, as I try to offer inspiration and encouragement to all. I am a writer who feels more empowered to listen to her muse each day and less inclined to listen to those who don't believe in me.
I am living a life after breast cancer, finding the joy in every day and doing the things I've always said I would do "one day,"---since we never know when today could be the LAST day.
(Stay tuned for the whole 100 days as we all learn more about who I am!!)

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