Saturday, May 27, 2017

Story Fragment #9: Felix

Felix walked along the boardwalk next to his wife, wishing he were at a hockey game. "It's too darn hot, Mildred!" he complained. "And we'll end up with sand in our food, not to mention in all kinds of uncomfortable places."

Mildred smiled weakly. "Honey, it's just one day. Can't you relax and spend time with the kids and grandkids? You might even enjoy it!"

Felix ran his fingers through his thinning white hair and sighed. "Millie, you know if it doesn't have to do with hockey--and especially my Red Wings--I'm not going to enjoy it. Why couldn't I just take the boys to the rink for the day, and you girls could hang out on the beach?"

His wife turned to face him, her eyes flashing. "You retired from that darn sport twenty years ago, Felix. It's way past time for you to let it go and let other interests into your life. Your family needs to know that we're more important to you than hockey!"

By the time she finished speaking, her husband's face was nearly the color of his ever-present Red Wings jersey, which was already wet with sweat.

"Let it go? Hockey is my LIFE, woman--you knew that when you married me, and you still know that today. Stop trying to change me, would you?"

And so another family day passed as had so many before, with Mildred enjoying every second spent with her children and their families while Felix sat on a beach chair, glaring at everyone, reading yet another biography of a former hockey player.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

100 Days Of Self-Exploration: Day Fourteen--What's The Top Priority In Your Life Right Now?

Right now the top priority in my life is a marriage/husband and myself. Fortunately, the two priorities work well together, in that if I am happy, the marriage thrives, and if the marriage thrives, I am happy.  :)  So when I go out and do things for me, like my writers group, or craft projects, or open mic poetry night, I come back refreshed and energetic, ready to dive back into the routine around here.

Friday, April 28, 2017

100 Days Of Self-Exploration: Day Thirteen--Are You Putting Any Parts Of Your Life On Hold?

Currently, I don't feel as though any part of my life is on hold. For a lot of years, the writing was definitely on hold, but now I make sure that I do something writing related every day.  Some days that means doing a blog post, other days it's working on a manuscript, and still others it's searching out writing prompts or reading books about writing. I belong to a local writers group which meets twice a month, and I have also found a couple of writing groups on Facebook which are helpful.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

100 Days Of Self-Exploration: Day Eleven--What Would You Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail And There Were No Limitation Of Resources?

If I couldn't fail, and resources were no obstacle, there are several things I'd like to consider

1) A Books and Cats cafe: Picture a bookstore with a coffee and pastry bar, and a separate room where, if they choose, patrons can read AND interact with cats/kittens available for adoption.  Sounds like heaven on earth for me!

2) Set up a community center of sorts, where kids could gather and hang out, play video games or board games, play sports (just friendly pickup games, not organized leagues or anything), start their own interest groups. We could do weekly movie nights, monthly book clubs, a Lego club, etc.

3) Set up a shelter for women and children who are trying to escape domestic violence situations. This is something that is VERY close to my heart, and I'd love to be able to set something like this up here in our town.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

100 Days Of Self-Exploration: Day Ten--If You Could Do Something For Free For The Rest Of Your Life, What Would It Be?

Travel to all the places I'll probably never see otherwise: France, Italy, England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Africa, Aruba, Bermuda....those would make a good start, at least.

Another thing I'd like to do is help children. Not sure exactly what I would do, but I'd start some type of program to work with abused kids.