Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Story Fragment #11: Marguerite

Marguerite exited the shuttle craft uncertainly, looking around at the unfamiliar terrain. "Are you sure this is the proper location?" she asked the pilot.

"Yes, ma'am--the outpost you're looking for is right at the top of that hill," the pilot responded. "Matter of fact, here comes the ATV that will transport you."

Now Marguerite began to feel excited again. After the long journey from Earth to Sabrah, and the shuttle ride from the main settlement to this outpost, she was just a quick ATV ride from her final destination and, hopefully, the answers she had been seeking.

As she climbed into the ATV, the driver asked: "Are you here to see The Master?"

"Of course," she snapped. "Does anyone come to this God-forsaken  place for other reasons?"

"Well, some of us just enjoy the solitude," the driver replied quietly. "Those of us who live here tend to give each other plenty of space, no pun intended."

Chagrined, Marguerite sat silently for the rest of the short ride over the smooth orange sandy ground. Even though the entire planet was covered with an atmospheric bubble, she knew that most of the areas which were not colonized remained in their original condition. It still surprised her to see barren land, however, having come from the stifling overpopulation of Earth.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

100 Days Of Self-Exploration: Day Sixteen-- What Is Something You Regret Doing? Is It Affecting You To This Day?

I don't believe in regretting things. Everything that has happened in my past, both good and bad, has worked together to make me the person I am today. Any actions of mine which may have harmed another person in any way, I have apologized and tried to make amends, so there is no need for regret. There are some of those actions which still impact me to this day, but I wouldn't change them for the world.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Story Fragment #10: The Neighborhood

Assignment: Describe a neighborhood. Who lives there? What are their secrets?

From the outside, Paula's neighborhood appeared normal and sedate. There was block after block of  Cape Cod style homes, nearly identical except for the color combinations of siding and shutters. They had all been built in the early 1940's, and not much had changed since then as far as the look of things was concerned. The yards were all neatly manicured, and the trees and flowers well kept.

All of that was window dressing, however. In the five months since she had moved here, Paula had begun to see the cracks in the perfect facade. On her block alone, police and paramedics had been called to two different homes, each occasion resulting in at least one member of the household being led away in handcuffs--and in one case, a second person cuffed to the stretcher which was loaded into the ambulance.

Then there was the family next door to her--the loud rock music blaring was obviously an attempt to cover the arguing, but the houses were too close together for it to be successful. It came as no real surprise to Paula the morning she looked out her kitchen window to see the husband loading his belongings into the bed of his pickup truck and driving away.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

100 Days Of Self-Exploration: Day Fifteen--What And Who Makes You Happy?

Who makes you happy?
My husband Barry
My children, biological and otherwise: Brian, Adrienne, Amy, Jennifer, Greg, Mickey, Lani, and Sarah
My grandchildren: Antwone, Tre, Jalen, Destiny, Micheal, Annamea and Lucian
My cat Gandalf
My mother
My Bible study group
My writers group

What makes you happy?
A good joke
A sunny day
Spending time with children
Helping others

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Story Fragment #9: Felix

Felix walked along the boardwalk next to his wife, wishing he were at a hockey game. "It's too darn hot, Mildred!" he complained. "And we'll end up with sand in our food, not to mention in all kinds of uncomfortable places."

Mildred smiled weakly. "Honey, it's just one day. Can't you relax and spend time with the kids and grandkids? You might even enjoy it!"

Felix ran his fingers through his thinning white hair and sighed. "Millie, you know if it doesn't have to do with hockey--and especially my Red Wings--I'm not going to enjoy it. Why couldn't I just take the boys to the rink for the day, and you girls could hang out on the beach?"

His wife turned to face him, her eyes flashing. "You retired from that darn sport twenty years ago, Felix. It's way past time for you to let it go and let other interests into your life. Your family needs to know that we're more important to you than hockey!"

By the time she finished speaking, her husband's face was nearly the color of his ever-present Red Wings jersey, which was already wet with sweat.

"Let it go? Hockey is my LIFE, woman--you knew that when you married me, and you still know that today. Stop trying to change me, would you?"

And so another family day passed as had so many before, with Mildred enjoying every second spent with her children and their families while Felix sat on a beach chair, glaring at everyone, reading yet another biography of a former hockey player.