Saturday, July 23, 2016

Reggie The Rhino

The last time I wrote a poem was in December 2014, but one of the exercises at writer's group this morning inspired me to write one, and it just came flowing out in a rush.  I had a few people say that it would make a good children's book, so that's something for me to think about.  :)

There was a young rhino named Reggie
Whose political views were quite edgy
His jungle friends knew he was a winner
When he received an invite to the White House for dinner
On the night he was scheduled to dine
He polished his horn till it shined
He was dressed to impress--
In a tuxedo no less--
And he entered the room with an elegant air,
Then looked around for a suitable chair.
After surveying the room with a critical glint
He strode right up to the President
With a haughty tone he loudly declared
"Dear sir, I believe you are quite unprepared
To accommodate someone of my girth
As I would crush any one of these chairs of great worth.

TDK  7/23/16

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