Saturday, July 9, 2016

Story Fragment #1: Possible scene for Daycare Can Be Murder

Arabella looked around the classroom at her young charges and smiled. They were all quickly settling into the routine after just two days, which was an epic accomplishment.

Just as she was ready to jump into the morning's activities, a wail sounded from the block corner. Kelsey Hanna, looking adorable in her pink sundress, had huge tears in her bright blue eyes as she spoke. "Miss Bella, Max threw a block at me."

Arabella  looked at Max Randall, who was staring at the floor as he twisted his Spiderman shirt in his hands. "Max, what's going on?"

"Sorry, Miss Bella," he muttered. "I just wanted to build by myself."

"Next time, try using your words instead of the blocks, Max," Bella suggested. "Now, how about you tell Kelsey you're sorry and give her a hug?"

Once the two children had made peace, Bella distracted Kelsey from the block corner by asking if she would like to be the one to feed Pickles, the classroom fish, this morning.

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