Saturday, July 23, 2016

Story Fragment #3: Meghan

It was a quiet morning in the desert. The lonely ghost town was miles away from any real form of civilization. Fifteen year old Meghan woke slowly, confused by her unfamiliar surroundings.

As she became more aware, it all came flooding back to her in horrifying detail. She had been walking home from school yesterday while talking on the phone to her best friend Kristy. She hadn't given any thought to the black van parked several blocks from the school--at least not until two men in dark clothes, with ski masks over their faces, stepped out of the shadows, grabbed her, and tossed her into the van.

The van ride had been long and uncomfortable. Her captors forced her to remain on the floor, and they had bound her hands and feet, as well as covering her mouth with duct tape. She couldn't see where they were going, and she soon lost all sense of direction as well as time.

When they finally stopped and she was pulled to her feet, she realized any dream of escape was futile. They were miles away from her home in Phoenix, deep in the desert. Even if she found a way to break free, there was no chance she could find her way home, especially not on foot.

The three captors, who still hadn't spoken a word to her, let her into a small cabin, shoved her down onto a bed, and after removing the bonds from her hands, handcuffed her to the headboard. Then they unbound her feet and removed the duct tape from her mouth.

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